County Music Groups 2023-24 application form

Before you complete the application form please make sure that you and your parents/carers have read the:

Please make sure that you complete all sections of the form and provide up to date contact details.

If you’re aged under 18 it is essential that your parents/carers have given you consent to apply. All communications will be sent to the parent/carer email address provided.

If you need any help completing the form, please contact the Music Service on 01473 263400.

You can select more than one box or leave this blank. All wind, brass and percussion players will automatically be firstly considered for a place in SYO.

Please select SYWB if you play an orchestral (woodwind, brass, percussion) instrument and you wish to be considered for a place in this programme, e.g. should you not be selected for a place in SYO.

All those applying for non-orchestral instruments (such as euphonium or saxophone) should select the SYWB box.

I am applying for a place in

Please list all instrumental positions for which you would like to be considered.

I have previously been a member of:
Ensemble experience

Please give details of any community music groups, school ensembles, or Suffolk Youth Music activities that you're currently or have been a member of (such as South Suffolk Youth Orchestra, West Suffolk Youth Wind Band, Stradbroke Senior Band etc).

Please give full details of all your ensemble playing, such as what and when.

Woodwind and Brass players only
Do you own this instrument?
Online Auditions: Monday 3 - Friday 7 July 2023
Online Auditions: Monday 10 - Friday 14 July 2023
Rehearsal day: Saturday 21 October 2023
Rehearsal day: Sunday 26 November 2023
Rehearsal course (all ensembles): Thursday 21 - Saturday 23 December 2023
Residential course including concert performance (all ensembles): Saturday 6 - Wednesday 10 April 2024
Rehearsal Day and Suffolk Show - SYWB only: Wednesday 29 - Thursday 30 May 2024 (outside dates) TBC
Rehearsal course (all ensembles): Saturday 20 - Tuesday 23 July 2024
Summer Tour (not SYS): Wednesday 24 July to Wednesday 31 July 2024 inclusive (outside dates)
Snape Proms concert performance (SYO only): Thursday 1 - Saturday 3 August 2024 (outside dates)
Snape Proms concert performance (SYO only): Saturday 5 August 2023 (TBC)
Gala Concert (all ensembles): Sunday 1 September 2024

Please put the applicant's email address if they're aged over 18-years-old.

Phone numbers: please put a space between the area code and the last six digits.

We would like to store your video, photo and/or audio in our library. These may be used in publications, publicity materials and on our website or social media accounts. Please read the Audio/Visual Policy conditions of use before signing this form.

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