Instrumental and vocal lessons

Learning to sing and play an instrument has so many benefits for children and young people. Music education improves academic skills, increases self-esteem, develops social and physical skills, and so much more. 

Why choose us?

  • Suffolk County Music Service engages thousands of children and young people in music every year, both in and outside of school.
  • We have a fantastic team of professional tutors who are specialists in their discipline. 
  • We are a trusted service, part of the Children and Young People's Services Directorate of Suffolk County Council.

Lesson options

We offer one-to-one, individual lessons for children and young people aged 8-21.

Lessons are available on a wide range of Brass, Guitar, Percussion, Strings and Woodwind  instruments. We also have a limited number of piano lessons available.

If you're a complete beginner and this is your first time learning an instrument, please contact us before you sign up.

Lesson details

In April 2020 we introduced online lessons to enable children and young people to continue making music at home during the Covid-19 outbreak. Lessons were delivered using Microsoft Teams.

We are now delighted to announce that all lessons will be returning to face-to-face tuition, and we will be offering these at our regional Music centres. 

We recognise that some of our students face significant difficulties in attending a face-to-face lesson at one of our regional music centres. In these instances, we are prepared to discuss the possibilities of having an online lesson. Please contact us to discuss this option on 01473 263400.

One-to-one lessons are 20 minutes or 30 minutes duration. 20 minute lessons are ideal for beginners and those in their early stages of learning.

Lessons will take place every week, in line with our Music Centre activity dates. There will be 10 lessons each term and the precise dates of these can be found on our Music Service calendar.

Current availability of tuition by location



Northgate Arts Centre

Wednesday pm

Thursday pm

Friday pm 

Saturday am/pm 

Abbeygate Sixth Form College

Tuesday  pm

Friday  pm

East Point Academy

No current availability

It may be possible to purchase additional lessons (above the guaranteed 30) if required. Please contact to request these.

For the academic year 2021-2022 lessons cost:

  • £17.50 each lesson for 30 minutes
  • £12.50 each lesson for 20 minutes

Lessons are payable termly in advance.

Please do not make any payment until you have received formal notification of payment details from a member of the Business Support Team at the County Music Service.

To register  your interest in lessons, please complete the enquiry form

Contact us

Contact us if you have any questions. You can phone us at 01473 263400 or email

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