Conditions of Membership

The declaration that parents/carers sign when registering their child for a Suffolk Youth Music activity.

  • I consent to my child being a member of Suffolk Youth Music.
  • Suffolk County Music Service (SCMS) will send you specific information about each activity before it takes place. You can, if you wish, tell SCMS that you do not want your child to take part in any particular activity.
  • I will notify SCMS of any any existing or new medical conditions or disabilities that affect my child being able to fully take part in Suffolk Youth Music activities.
  • I will keep SCMS notified of any change to the data provided throughout the season of 2023-24. I understand that failure to provide this information may impact on my child being able to take part in the ensemble programme.
  • I acknowledge that the Suffolk County Music Service staff will be liable in the event of any accident only if they have failed to take reasonable care of my child during the activity/activities. 
  • I have read any information provided with regard to the attendance, standard of behaviour and code of conduct expected of all members and I undertake to reinforce this information with my child.
  • I consent to my child receiving medical treatment which, in the opinion of a qualified medical practitioner, may be necessary.
  • I have paid the membership fee or have applied for fee remission. For remissions, I undertake to notify Suffolk County Council immediately of any change to the circumstances set out and understand that the council may check any of the facts given with other agencies.
  • I understand that should my child wish to withdraw from Suffolk Youth Music activities that 6 weeks (half a term) written notice must be given.
  • I give/do not give permission for photographic, audio, and visual recordings of my child to be made and used, according to the conditions set out here.

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