Whole Class Ensemble Teaching

The government’s National Plan for Music Education states that every child should have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument through whole class ensemble teaching (WCET). It is the responsibility of each school to ensure that this is possible for their pupils.

WCET Festival

The Music Service annually offers a series of WCET Festival events that take place in several venues across Suffolk in June. 

Resources for home learning

Your school pupils can carry on making music from home with our bespoke WCET resources.

Subscribe to our YouTube channelSubscribe to our YouTube channel to find videos suitable for your school’s WCET classes. Our videos are sorted into playlists so you can easily find what you need:

  • Beginner Woodwind for flute, clarinet and recorder
  • Beginner Brass for cornet, trumpet, baritone, trombone and tenor horn
  • Beginner Strings for violin and cello
  • Beginner Percussion for glockenspiel and keyboard
  • Beginner Guitar and Uke for guitar and ukulele

WCET for your school

To find out how to book WCET for your school please visit the Offer to schools page.

Downloads for schools with WCET this year:

If you need this information in a different format please contact us by email county.musicservice@suffolk.gov.uk

National Curriculum WCET

Suffolk County Music Service's curriculum overview document was developed by the Music Service's Curriculum Leadership Team. It is framed within the context of the National Curriculum for Music and its associated Programmes of Study (PoS).

All schools engaged in delivering programmes of WCET in partnership with the Music Service will receive a music curriculum document demonstrating how the Music Service's PoS maps against the National Curriculum Music PoS.

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