About us

Music Education Hubs exist across the UK and receive funding from Arts Council England on behalf of the Department for Education.

All Hubs follow set core and extension roles, which help ensure that all pupils can have broad and rich cultural opportunities alongside their academic and vocational studies.

Led by Suffolk County Music Service, Suffolk Music Hub seeks to encourage participationenjoyment and achievement in music for all children and young people. 

The Hub is an advocate for, and promoter and provider of good value, inclusive and diverse high quality music education and performance opportunities. The Hub aims to:

  • nurture talent and creativity at all levels
  • build self-esteem and discipline
  • widen horizons
  • and bring music to all ages, abilities and backgrounds.

This will be achieved through effective partnerships that join up delivery, identify and tackle gaps in provision and ensure strong progression routes that raise the standards and well-being of all young people.

Suffolk Music Hub is committed to delivering The Importance of Music, the first ever National Plan for Music Education to all young people throughout the Suffolk Local Authority area.

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