Music Service term and holiday dates

Find term and holiday dates for Suffolk County Music Service's (SCMS) lessons, activities and events.

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Autumn term 2022

September - October

Thursday 1 September Suffolk County Council (SCC) start of autumn term and SCMS Non-teaching day / Non-Pupil Day

Friday 2 September Non-teaching day / Non-Pupil Day

Monday 12 September first possible teaching day for SCMS 

Monday 24 October – Friday 28 October Autumn half term

November - December 

Friday 18 December SCC end of autumn term

Spring term 2023

January - February 

Tuesday 3 January SCC start of spring term / Non-Pupil Day

Tuesday 9 January First possible teaching day for SCMS 

Monday 13 February – Friday 17 February Spring half term

February - March

Wednesday 29 March Non-Pupil Day

Friday 31 March SCC end of spring term

Summer term 2023

April - May

Monday 17 April SCC start of summer term and first possible teaching day for SCMS

Monday 29 May – Friday 2 June Summer half term

June - July

Monday 19 June – Friday 2 July WCET Festival events

Friday 14 July last possible teaching day for SCMS

Friday 21 July SCC End of Summer Term / Non-Pupil Day

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