What reeds should I buy for my clarinet?

Posted by Suffolk County Music Service on 12 June 2020 | Comments

In the current climate we feel that it is safer for you to buy your own replacement reeds.

For our clarinets used in Whole Class Ensemble Teaching we recommend the following makes and sizes:

  • Juno pack of 3 Bb (1 ½) reeds
  • John Packer pack of 10 Eb or Bb (1 ½) reeds
  • Rico pack of 3 Bb (1 ½) reeds
  • Carmichael (equivalent to John Packer) pack of 10

Clarinet reeds can be bought from various suppliers online. We cannot recommend particular suppliers so please do your own research to find the best available price.

Visit our instrument care page for advice on how to look after your instrument.


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